Black people and aunt alexandra

Quotes about Morality and Respect: No one is what they truly seem, and everyone has something inside them that motivates them to be who they are.

Scout can always rely on her for help, advice and something to do.


He came from ancestors who lived with Maycomb tradition consistently. It does have a variety of nicknames, if that's something that's important to you, though neither my parents nor I are really nickname people.

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Robinson is a mockingbird in the novel, and a victim of racism, discrimination and prejudice. Heck Tate Heck Tate is the local sheriff, and is a good man like Atticus. Calpurnia speakerScout Explanation and Analysis: When she sees Aunt Alexandra thank Miss Maudie with only body language and no words, Scout realizes the complexity of this social order: With this understood, Mr.

She wants segregation but where black people have at least as many rights as whites.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Jem is much quicker than Scout and has a role of authority and knowledge. You meet an Alexandra every once in awhile, but it's not excessively common. He is married with children, and is very nice and soft-spoken. She is precocious, very much a tomboy, and for a time is obsessed with her ellusive neighbor, Boo Radley.

Atticus believes that in a court of law, everyone should be treated equally. My friends also call me Lexi. I've noticed that this name has stayed somewhat steady between 40 and 60 in the US for the past 25 years, and I'm often surprised at how high its popularity ranking is, because I haven't met that many other Alexandras.

It's regal, powerful, and I think it gives me an edge that other names just don't have. The image was also unfair to Arthur, as his main reason for staying in his house all the time was likely to be that he did not like so much attention.

If in some situation he chooses to give up supporting justice and moral values, he will lose his self-respect, and his ability to judge and guide people, and even his own children, will suffer. As he gets older, he finds his own way to come to terms with the town he lives in, and the people around him.

He stands accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell, but is innocent of the charges. For Atticus Finch, his moral authority and self-respect are based on his ability to do the things he considers proper and lawful. He is a good friend of Atticus and has command of the town. He points out to Scout that to truly understand a person you must get inside their skin and walk around in it for awhile.

Aunt Alexandra composes herself and they go back in to face the tea party, acting as if nothing is wrong. I think there are a lot more of us than it sometimes seems, because many Alexandras use nicknames. Scout and Jem, who love wearing overalls and playing outside, let her scolding go in one ear and out the other.

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This quote also shows that black people have morals, too, and can teach white people how to behave properly. In college, I know there were a number of people that shared my name, but it's a school of 8, people, so it's bound to happen.

Of course, a central symbol is the mockingbird, described by Miss Maudie as a creature that should never be killed because it is harmless and even provides song for the enjoyment of others.

Miss Maudie says that "the handful of people in this town with background" Dubose is a cantankerous, bitter old woman who lives at the end of the street. Atticus agrees, and wants to make sure Scout understands why this little white lie must be told. I did always like that my name was somewhat unique, and that I was the only one in my class with it.

Normally Scout does not really like Aunt Alexandra, Atticus’s sister. She thinks her aunt is too conservative, harsh, and never supports other people.

So when the aunt comes to the court to see the trial where Atticus is defending Tom Robinson, Scout thinks trouble will come of it. The Positive Impact of Atticus, Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra on Scout in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird - The novel to Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, is the story of an unfortunate society, where people are greatly affected by poverty due to the Great Depression.

As Aunt Alexandra settles in to Maycomb, her opinion of the trial is representative of _____.

Aunt Alexandra Racist Quotes

A)the black members of the community B)the people who want to do Atticus harm C)the white people who support Atticus D)the people who wished Atticus would just decline to help. Aug 22,  · Aunt Alexandra was very rude, to the kids and Calpurnia.

Unlike Atticus she did not believe that blacks could be nice people, so she did not like the fact that her niece and nephew were being raised by Atticus, but also that the only woman they looked up to for advice was Calpurnia.

To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter STUDY. PLAY. Aunt Alexandra is entertaining her missionary circle. Who are the Mrunas, and why is the missionary circle interested in them? The ladies are greatly concerned for poor black people halfway around the world, but they have no sympathy or consideration for the black people in their own town.

Then Atticus says the trial will be bad, since "reasonable people go mad when anything involving" a black person comes up. He says the trial will be particularly tough on Jem and Scout.

Atticus understands how prejudice can warp people.

Black people and aunt alexandra
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Alexandra Hancock in To Kill a Mockingbird