Leading and managing people

What is the difference between leadership and management. Also culture awareness is also one of the most important task in the teamwork, Every member in a team have his or her culture which he or she represents, sometimes not being aware of this cultures effects the teamwork.

Are you both a leader and a manager; what would your staff say if you were to ask them. You have to appeal to them, showing how following you will lead them to their hearts' desire.

Although leaders are good with people, this does not mean they are friendly with them. In keeping, a manager must be able to teach their teams what must be learned and adapted to attain the stated vision. They thus naturally pass on this work focus to their subordinates.

Section 3- Presents the organisational structure and culture, viewing the impacts in projects. Among his major innovations were: It ignored the existing side of the- The performance aspect of it within the personal and interactional area, the expression that staff give during work and the value to them of their relationship socialization at area of work.

Being Able to Execute a Vision: Many organizational leaders do have subordinates, but only because they are also managers. How and what to do when critical problem arise within projects in an organisation ,how to start using smart methods that will help in building the organisational structure and been culture aware of different ethnic group that is involve in the teamwork, Also some factors that can be implied when an organisation Leading and managing people change within themselves to rebuild their organisation plan using some attributes mention on this work, among all this I made it known that without communication within leaders and team members there is no need of any work to be achieved, mean while I explained the impact of organisational structure and culture using Fordist and Taylorism model to show how it works ,I also explained managing change and leadership using project in controlled environment and change management methodology and lastly well communication belief and teamwork strategy between managers, leaders, it's stakeholders and members.

Communication also have issues in managing people in projects defining the project manager's role, Kerzner emphasizes that strong communication and personal relation skills are required.

Leadership & managing people

What they do realize, however, is the importance of enthusing others to work towards their vision. Leadership requires imagination, management requires specifics.

The results-oriented curriculum is specifically designed for professionals who require a better understanding of political undercurrents and power flow, and wish to improve their overall ability to communicate and influence within varying perspectives.

The importance of other benefit from job was withheld, such as achievement, work satisfaction, appreciation, which is found to be important by the researchers these days. The project management processes are derived from the Prince2 project management methodology OGC, The saddest thing is that even people who have occupied leadership positions for years still sometimes believe that.

The nature of management of change seems to comprise the resolution of problems arising from lack of co-ordination how to plan and pursuit of co-ordination systematically. Work focus Managers are paid to get things done they are subordinates toooften within tight constraints of time and money.


A leader always has their eye on the horizon, whereas a manager should be watching the bottom line. Leaders are able to inspire employees to do their best because they foster a stimulating working environment that thrives on collaboration and within which people feel valued and appreciated.

In line with Dismore and Cabanis-Brewinthis reveals a tendency of considering communication in project as more than merely static information, data and procedures. Section 2- explains the issues of leadership and management of the change within project management and critically evaluation of it.

Management-worker relations, in Taylor's eyes, should be co-operative rather than adversarial. This will inevitably lead to conflicts, which can fester and destroy morale if they are ignored. Leadership and management must go hand in hand, but they are not the same thing.

Assessment options for formal credit To be posted soon. They are always good with people, and quiet styles that give credit to others and takes blame on themselves are very effective at creating the loyalty that great leaders engender.

Leadership requires confidence in the face of uncertainty, management requires blind commitment to completing the task at hand. Others argue that since there were insufficient numbers of skilled workers available to do the original jobs, Ford had to redesign the tasks so that the existing, pre-industrial labour force could cope with them.

We look on how the management and leadership can come together. Many readers tended to hone in on the point made in the piece about the difference between leadership and management.

Leadership requires an aptitude to sell, management requires an aptitude to teach. Change Management- Strategy and Values from six agencies from the Australian public service. Only leading makes you a leader. This is where strong management comes in. Authentic leadership incorporates transformational leadership and ethical leadership Avolio et al.

It also helps in making organisation system very dynamic and helps in linking purpose of organisation to human participants. Leadership inspires change, management manages transformation. Refining the search fororganizational success measures. Leadership is accountable to the entire organization, management is accountable to the team.

Leadership requires understanding of the external environment, management requires understanding of how work gets done inside the organization. Managing and leading People. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Managerial perception most likely begins with the recognition that there is no one “right” style of leading and managing.

But the new standard manager is mostly acting in. Nov 22,  · Find new ideas and classic advice for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts. If you have your sights set on an influential management role in business, government, startups, or nonprofits, earning your master's in management and leadership is a great place to start.

WGU's Master of Science in Management and Leadership is designed to. People often mistake leadership and management as the same thing but in essence, they are very different.

The main difference between the two is that leaders have people that follow them, while managers have people who simply work for them. Leading and Managing. We then define “leading” as giving primacy to people. The idea here is the leader ensures the creation of shared meaning and direction within the group to align people in order to achieve the best outcomes.

It is people first, task second. It is a recognition that people do tasks and the more that people are. Management, however, is about the business, not the people; the people are important as a way of getting the job done.

Most business executives and owners have a mix of management and leadership.

Leading and managing people
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