The origin and early detection of hyperlexia

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Hyperlexia is characterized by assumption is that these children would eventually comprehend good word recognition with comprehension difficulties; hence, the meaning in the same way they easily figured out how to it can be considered the polar opposite of dyslexia which is read the print [9].

The It is hoped that by helping these children overcome their syndrome of hyperlexia. Especially on the topic of hypernumeracy there are currently 63 search results in Google on this particular topic. In such precocious readers, in spite of intense preoccupation and ability with words, there are, correspondingly, significant problems in understanding and expressing verbal language.

Reading skills in children diagnosed with hyperlexia: The fidelity of teacher score of each discrete trial on the comprehension tests in both implementation of the study procedures was determined by the baseline no IV and intervention with IV conditions. At nursery school, JT read to her classmates to the astonishment of the teachers.

Furthermore, the supposed outcome would be resulted by suppressing of autistic traits, in other words, learning to pass for neurotypical people.


These studies also illustrate difficulties in understanding what it is that they are reading. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Scoring for the primary and secondary DV were both done by the researcher and a blind-rater.

Although some children with hyperlexia exhibit these symptoms, many do not: When given an unfamiliar diagnosis, I took the first logical step: However the precocious reading ability can itself be a valuable treatment tool for teaching language and social skills and should not be marginalized or disregarded as unimportant or frivolous.

An example of just such an exercise is shown in Figure 1. There I was, after months of wait lists, with some unfamiliar diagnoses, typing those two words into Google only to hit another roadblock. Treatment can still be applied to target symptoms, but parents or others can, in those cases, be spared the unnecessary worry and fear that can accompany certain diagnoses prematurely applied.

Unlike children with Autistic Disorder, they are often very outgoing and affectionate with family, but reserved and distant with peers and would be playmates. With the smaller discrepancy between R. These children have other signs and symptoms of Autistic Disorder and the early reading is but one facet of that more pervasive disorder.

Hyperlexia is defined as the co-occurrence of advanced reading skills relative to comprehension skills or general intelligence, the early acquisition of reading skills without explicit teaching, and a strong orientation toward written material, generally in the context of a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Hyperlexia 2: Children who do in fact have Autistic Disorder, one manifestation of that being a fascination with letters, numbers and words and they too are reading very early.

They also memorize license plates, sports trivia and birthdays, for example, at an astounding level, and may even be calendar calculators.

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The origin and early detection of hyperlexia Posted at h in Novedades by It is characterized by a triad of the origin and early detection of hyperlexia limited or absent verbal.

Hyperlexia: children who read early—identifying the subtypes Hyperlexia— precocious reading ability in very young children—can present itself in several ways.

In one group some “normal” (neurotypical is the proper term these days) children simply read early; they may be reading at a sixth grade level at age 3 for example with no behavioral or other concerns.

So between that and the lack of results via Google, I am disappointed in the information on hyperlexia and hypernumeracy available to parents like me. Less than two weeks after, I found myself at a meeting for parents at Autism Services.

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With autism: These children are early readers who, when testing is done, fall somewhere in the autism spectrum. This only accounts for a very small percentage of children who exhibit hyperlexia.

The origin and early detection of hyperlexia
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