The piano lesson boy willie and berniece

Boy Willie wants to break out of the tradition of sharecropping like his father.

The Piano Lesson Characters

Suddenly Berniece cries out off-stage, "Go on get away. Doaker confesses that he saw Sutter's ghost playing the piano and feels that Berniece should discard the piano so as to prevent spirits from traumatizing the Charles family.

Decision Story Driver The story is moved along by decisions: Sutter could have them near her. Doaker sees the animosity between Berniece and Boy Willie escalate until he has to warn Berniece when she threatens violence against her brother.

The day to move the piano draws closer. Conditioning Main Character Counterpoint Berniece was trained to play the piano, and conditioned to worship the piano by her mother. As you read, each piece falls into place, one by one.

The Piano Lesson Questions and Answers

And he died over giving me that. Inequity Overall Story Symptom The objective characters focus on their limited opportunities as black people in America. By playing the piano and calling up the spirits, she demonstrates its power and significance within the family.

She has a strong sense of survival and justice that is bolstered by her Christian beliefs. Forty-seven years old, tall, and thin, he has been a railroad cook for twenty-seven years. Doaker Charles, their uncle, acts as mediator between the siblings.

The Piano Lesson

When Boy Willie barges into her house unexpectedly, she tells him to leave. Coming from Mississippi, he plans to sell the family piano and buy the land his ancestors once worked as slaves.

Willie declares that these are stories of the past and that the piano should now be put to good use. But that only last so long. Willie insists that he will convince her.

Berniece accuses Boy Willie of shoving Sutter down a well, and she asks him to leave. Lymon is also obsessed with women and plays a large role in allowing Berniece to slowly relieve the mourning of Crawley, her deceased husband.

Unlike other characters, the stage notes for Berniece are somewhat sparse, describing her as a thirty-five-year-old mother still mourning for her husband, Crawley. Characters[ edit ] Doaker Charles: When he ignores her and starts to move the piano out of the house, Berniece is forced to threaten him with a gun.

Berniece accuses Boy Willie of shoving Sutter down a well, and she asks him to leave. Instead, Boy Willie wakes Berniece's daughter, Maretha, causing Berniece to run back up the stairs where she sees Sutter's ghost.

“The Piano Lesson focuses on a struggle between brother, Boy Willie, and sister, Berniece, over whether to sell an heirloom piano. The piano was previously owned by the Sutter family, who held Boy Willie and Berniece’s family enslaved. Wining Boy: The comical figure in The Piano Lesson, the Wining Boy is the year-old elder brother of Doaker Charles.

He tries to portray the image of a successful musician and gambler, but his music and attire are extremely dated. Boy Willie is screwing wheels on a plank and telling Maretha the history of the Yellow Dog train, and about its ghosts. He hasn’t spoken to them, but Wining Boy has.

Berniece comes home and sends Maretha upstairs, though she’s afraid of the ghost. Boy Willie goes with her to fight off the ghost. In August Wilson's play The Piano Lesson, there are a total of 8 characters: Berniece, Boy Willie, Doaker, Lymon, Maretha, Avery Brown, Winning Boy, and Grace.

At the heart of The Piano Lesson is a brother and sister couple at war over the question of using the family legacy. Berniece, the sister, fiercely protects the piano from being sold. Berniece, the sister, fiercely protects the piano from being sold.

In order to do this, Boy Willie has decided that he must sell the family's historic piano. The piano is in many ways symbolic of his family's struggles over the years (check out "Symbols, Imagery, Allegory"), and Berniece thinks that selling it would be the same thing as selling their souls.

The piano lesson boy willie and berniece
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